The Structural Specs Of The House

Here is the floor plan and some of the  structural specs we decided upon:

Main Floor

Up Stairs


Here are some of the upgrades that we chose:

5 Bedrooms instead of Loft-  We upgraded the option to remove the loft and add a 5th bedroom.  The dimensions of the 5th bedroom are quite small, but we are only going to use this room for guests.  It should be fine for what we are going to do with it.

Study instead of Living Room- We decided to upgrade from the Formal Living Room to the Study option.  I really needed an office and we would not have used the Formal Living Room, it would have been wasted space.

Finished Basement- We decided this was a must have option.  Due to our family size, we wanted enough room for the kids to play indoors and enough space for us to entertain.

Finished Full Bathroom in Basement- This was another upgrade that we selected because most of our family is out of town, this would enable us to have multiple bathrooms for our overnight guests and for our growing family.

Gourmet Island in the Kitchen - This is one of my absolute favorites! It makes the kitchen look so grand. Can't wait to cook in it.

Up Stairs Laundry -The main thing that I can say about this is THANK YOU LORD!  I have to wash for 5 soon to be 6 people and it is a drag washing clothes, and having to carry them upstairs.  I am looking forward to washing clothes and folding them and taking them directly to the room they belong in.

Deluxe Master Bathroom- We decided that we would go with the deluxe master bathroom.  This means that we will have a separate tub and shower.  The tub and shower will be divided my clear glass all around and it will be covered in ceramic tile with mosaic glass accents. 

6 Response to "The Structural Specs Of The House"

  1. New Build Noob Says:

    Lots beautiful and BIG!! LOVE that huge closet!!!

  2. Tarra Says:

    Thank You! Yes the huge closet is one of my favorite things about the house!

  3. Noey814 Says:

    I must admit, cooking on that gourmet island rocks!

    I also do laundry for 5 and having the laundry room upstairs works out awesome! As soon as it done we can just put it away. No more piles laying around or lugging laundry up and down the stairs. =)

    I'm jealous of the basement!! But down here they cost a small fortune to get.

    We opted for the study too. It's nice!

    Sounds like you're going to have an awesome home!

  4. BD Says:

    The layout looks fantastic and all your upgrades are very well thought out :)

  5. Tarra Says:

    Hi Noey! Yes I am definately looking forward to cooking in the kitchen. Laundry has been one of my worst nightmares. Washing for so many people and then having to lug the clothes up & down the stairs has been horrible. I can't wait to wash and put them where they belong right away. The basement is awesome. We are looking forward to entertaining in the basement and having a small home theater down there. Thanks for all the wonderful comments!

  6. Tarra Says:

    Hi Bd, Thanks so much!

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