Hello Blog Land!

I would like to say a great big THANK YOU & HELLO to all my fellow Ryan Homes Bloggers.  If it had not been for some the of valuable blogs I have read, I may not have become a Ryan Homes customer myself.  After much skepticism from reading other websites where unhappy Ryan Homes customers voiced their problems, it was refreshing to see there were actually a great deal of Ryan Homes customers that were indeed satisfied.  Having said that, I decided that I would too join in the RH blog roll and maybe I would be able to help someone by sharing my journey from beginning to end.

I will be providing the details of my experience in hopes this blog will enlighten, inspire, and provide insight on the experience with Ryan Homes/NVR.  Strap in your seat belts, we are going for a ride!

5 Response to "Hello Blog Land!"

  1. New Build Noob Says:

    HI Tarra!!! Welcome to Blog-land!!! There are a lot of us out there blogging about our new houses. If you have any questions just shout it out. If your looking to join other peoples blogs, an easy way to do it is click on my name and my blog should come up...click follow my blog and you can see my "friends" list that has a bunch of other Ryan Homes builders!

  2. Tarra Says:

    Thanks for the info! All the blogs have helped me a great deal!

  3. BD Says:

    Congratulations and Welcome to the Ryan Homes blogging eFamily. Please feel free to ask questions, share ideas, and problems...as you have seen we LOVE to help.

  4. Tarra Says:

    Hi BD! Thanks so much! I will definately ask if I have any questions, these blogs have been so helpful to me. :-)

  5. Reseraching Homes - Ohio Says:

    This is so cool! I love seeing community at work!

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