It Was Love At First Sight...

When my husband and I decided to build with RH, we were amazed by all the beautiful floorplans.  Initially we were able to eliminate a few right away because there were things that we definately wanted and things we definately did not want.  Here was our laundry list:

Must Haves
  • At least 4 bedrooms
  • No Master Bedroom on First Floor
  • Morning Room
  • Large Basement
  • 2 Car Garage
  • Large Kitchen
  • Walk In Closets
As you can see, we had our wishlist pretty together before we decided on an actual plan to build.  It actually made the process quite easy because we knew exactly what we wanted.  After going over plans with our sales rep, we had narrowed it down to 3 floor plans.  The DUNKIRK, The VENICE or The NAPLES.  We first saw the Dunkirk and it was very appealing and it seemed to have all of our wants but something just didn't feel right about that specific floor plan.  Next, our sales rep showed us the Naples model (we actually had to see a finished NAPLES home of a RH employee because at that time the model was not built yet).

Let me tell you, when I saw the NAPLES that day........IT WAS LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!  It was perfect, everything that I had dreamed of and so much more.  It was the perfect size for our family of 5 at the time, now soon to be family of 6!  I could not believe it, I had never seen a house and felt this way.  I knew this would be the one!

NAPLES it is!

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