Pre-Construction Meeting Today

Now that I have gotten you all caught up-to-date, I will discuss what happened today at our Pre-Construction Meeting.

I must say that I am VERY IMPRESSED with our Project Manager.  I feel that we are in excellent hands.  I have read some of the other blogs and some of the Project Managers seem to be total jerks.  Well I am happy to report that ours is just the opposite.

"C" as I will refer to him in this post, was very knowledgeable.  He explained everything in great detail which I appreciated.  He also took time to answer all of our questions, and although some questions may have been redundant or silly to him, he answered them all very graciously.  I ask a lot of questions and I need to understand every aspect of this process even if it is something that someone else may feel I really don't need to know.  I like the fact that he gave us the impression tonight that we can ask him anything without hesitation.  He advised us that he usually responds to all emails or messages within 24 hours unless it's the weekend. We have his email, cell phone, and office telephone number.  That's all I ask for, a knowledgeable staff, great customer service, and a high tolerance for questions!  So far, so good.

Also, tonight at our meeting, our sales rep was there.  She's a gem too.  It was good that she was there because we went over all the final options and having her there made everything go smoothly.  The only snafu we ran into was they had our laundry room in the basement but it was supposed to be on the second floor.  That issue was quickly addressed and we continued with the meeting.  She transferred to another office which is about an hour away, but she still travels back to meet us because we really didn't want to work with anyone else after she transferred.  She has a lot of patience, and she also has made us feel like we can ask her anything.  Very gracious and exceptional customer service.  Ryan Homes, you are on a roll.  Please, please, please keep this up.

We finally received our Dig Date...............................Wednesday, July 27, 2011
OMG, I can't believe the time is here! It has seemed like it would never get here, but it is. YES!

The day before the digging begins!

Stay tuned for pics of "THE HOLE"

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