The Next Week To Come

According to our schedule (which is only a rough draft), the upcoming week should consist of pouring the basement & garage, and starting the framing.  Our lumber is supposed to be delivered on Tuesday so I will post pictures when it arrives.  We ran into a little snafu this past week with a few questions we had about the waterproofing, but other than that, things seem to be going pretty well. 

2 Response to "The Next Week To Come"

  1. BD Says:

    what was your waterproofing snafu?

  2. Tarra Says:

    Hi Bd, well it wasn't actually a snafu but I did have some questions. I was concerned about the wrap not being exactly plush with the house and also the nail pattern of the wrap. I researched the website for the manufacturer of the wrap and they suggested that the wrap have 2 rows of nails as opposed to one row. My wrap had one row and that was fine, adding the second row was only a suggestion from the manufacturer. My PM was pretty good about answering my questions and he explained to me the type of waterproofing that we have so I am content with what we have. I just wanted to be sure it was done correctly because I DO NOT want to deal with a damp and leaky basement!

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