My First Problem........My Fast Resolution!

The Problem
I stated in the beginning of my blog that I would be totally honest about our experience so I will be doing just that.  The other day my husband drove by our home site and snapped a few pictures of the foundation.  I immediately noticed that something wasn't right when I looked at the picture.  We immediately drove back over to the lot and sure enough I was correct.  The guys that poured the foundation did not place my basement window in the right place!  The window should have been on the side of the basement but instead it was placed on the back of the basement.  Some of you may ask....Why does this matter?  Well the answer is simple...Natural Light!  The spot in which the window was incorrectly placed would be in the unfinished part of the basement, in which we plan to have that door closed at all times.  This would mean that if the window was not corrected we would have no source of natural light in the finished part of the basement at all.

Here is an illustration of the incorrect and correct placement of the windows:

The Resolution
Upon seeing the error, I immediately went home and emailed my project manager.  It was a Friday night so I did not expect to hear from him until Monday morning. I sent a long drawn out email to my project manager about the error and the reasons why I needed to have the window in the correct place.  To my surprise, he responded Saturday!  His answer was short and sweet...."No problem Tarra, the window is in the wrong place.  I will have the company come back out and add another window in the correct place before the end of the week.  Also, instead of one window, you will now have two!"  I was so impressed and happy that he got back to me so quickly.  I was also glad that the resolution was simple and painless.  I wasn't sure if it was going to be an easy fix since the concrete had already been poured and dried.  Apparently, it's as easy as cutting a new one!  I am satisfied with the outcome. Thanks "C", your the man!

Update 08/05/2011
The window has been installed in the correct location, and insted of having one window, I now have two!  :-)

Here is a picture of the new window:

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